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12-Minute Senior Project - Logline #1

A woman living in a haunted house is sick and tired of the ghost who haunts her, having survived every horror movie cliché in the book, and searches desperately for the thing that will help the ghost move on.


The story focuses on the woman who tries to get rid of the ghost haunting her, because she wants her boring office life to go back to normal. But in order for the ghost to cross over, she needs to remember her long-lost dreams in life and to break out of her much-hated routine. However, unless she is able to figure that out, she'll be haunted forever.


12-Minute Senior Project - Logline #2

While wandering through the woods, a runaway convict befriends an obsessive-compulsive android who helps him survive in the wild. But when the android’s power starts to run out, the convict must decide between letting him die or taking him back to civilization to stay alive, risking his own execution.


The convict is a hardened and lonely man who refuses to do anything for anyone unless it directly benefits him. He wants his freedom, but realizes that being free from guilt may be worth more than losing a friend, even if it results in his own death. We fear for his safety, but also don't want the android to die. A catch-22 situation with no easy resolution.


12-Minute Senior Project - Logline #3

A famous comic artist has trouble finishing his work thanks to his own animated creation in his mind: the ever-persistent “Distraction Monster”.


The artist has given in to the Distraction Monster's demands more than once, and really wants to continue to do so. Distractions are fun, and it's not bad if you take a little break time, right? However, because of his past record, if he doesn't finish this job, he'll be fired for good.


Feature Film Logline

In a world where people live forever, bestowing mortality is the ultimate punishment. One such punished man, nearing his eventual death, has discovered the value in the finite and must travel the world to convince at least one other that life is better with an ending.


The Finite Man wishes he could convince every living person of the value in non-permanence. But so far, none of his teachings seem to stick, as his visual age automatically flags him as a societal outcast. We worry that, with what little time he has left, that he'll go out having not made any difference. What he doesn't realize though is that each town he's visited has created small sparks of believers which, before dying completely, will begin to burn into a great flame of understanding. He learns then that, even though we may not see the change we bring, our actions, however small, can make all the difference.

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